Monday, January 9, 2012

Publication of First Novel

I am thrilled to report my first novel, The Wrath of Amun, has been published by Pendraig Publishing and is available on Amazon. Writing fiction has been an amazing test of willpower - plotting, characterization, and sustaining the story for 200 pages has been a joy.

Working with the staff on the book was a wonderful experience. The people at Pendraig love what they do and it shows in the work they produce. I'm currently hard at work on book three in the series. Book two, The Talisman of Tehuti, has been complete for some time. Book three, The Savagery of Set, has been a difficult one to write. There have been some very gut-wrenching scenes, which has slowed my progress.

Now, that I'm back on the writing track, close to 10,000 words in the past week, I shall be back to blogging as well. I apologise for the hiatus in posts, but will make sure to rectify that. And, I shall keep you up to date on my writing. I've come up with several new ideas and maybe a new genre or two to write in. I love to stretch my wings as an author -- try new things, new ideas, new styles.

Writing is an art form and writing is a talent. I feel privileged to have these abilities and want to experiment with those that spark my ideas. So, for all the other writers and fledgling writers, never limit yourself. Who knows, the one genre you may feel you have no ability for is the one that you shall own some day.

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  1. Congratulations, Claudia--what a great accomplishment.