Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Joys of Writing

As writers, our greatest joys are our accomplishments. To have a work recognised for its merit by publishing is what we all strive for. And, to that end, I wish to share my news with you.

I received the edited manuscript of my first novel, The Wrath of Amun, from my publisher. The editor enjoyed the work, sent me a list of suggestions to tighten it up, expand on some areas, and add a little colour here and there. But, overall, no major changes or rewrites.

As this is my first work of fiction, I can not describe how this makes me feel. Non-fiction has been my genre for the past nine years; non-fiction, to me, is much easier than fiction. Whatever possessed me to think I could write fiction - well, it must have been a weak moment.

But, to have my fiction accepted for publication, now in the editing stage, and with publication pending, my world has opened up to far more possibilities. Writing is what I love, but I have more avenues to persue, by writing in multiple genres.

So, don't limit yourself and think of yourself as just a one-genre writer. Experiment, test the waters, even if it is just a short story. Though I shall continue to write non-fiction, fiction gives me the chance to fantasize, to create, to soar. Stay true to what you love and never give up.

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