Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Write and Why

My writing covers both fiction and non-fiction. Some days I am wrapped up in facts and research, some days I get to spread my writing wings and fly with fanciful dreams and visions. It satisfies both parts of my life: my non-fiction is more about me, the person, who and what I am; my fiction allows me to bring my passion alive.

You see, my passion is ancient Egypt. Even though my non-fiction is about ancient Egypt, I deal with factual information and research. In my fiction, I get to expand on a given period in ancient Egypt, and bring the day to day life alive. Though many of the people in my novels actually existed, I certainly cannot "report" the facts.

Having researched for the past twelve years, I have learned so much about ancient civilisations, I wanted to show, in fictional format, that they did have a legal system, quite similar to ours. Their cities were relatively safe, though the same types of crimes occurred three thousand years ago. Love and jealousy, birth and death, joy and sorrow all transcend time and place.

Over the next few weeks, I would like to post excerpts from my novels here on this blog page. Rather than take away from my writing tips and techniques which I post on Sundays, I will be adding additional posts during the week. I would love to get feedback from you, the readers of this blog. So, feel free to comment when I post my excerpts, because, after all, isn't that why any writer writes -- to connect with and entertain his/her audience?

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