Sunday, December 26, 2010

Works in Process

As the year comes to an end, I reflect on the books which I have not yet completed. Some still call to me, some may end up being shelved for a while.

I am working on a fourth book in my Egyptian magic series, this one focusing on healing and life magic. I have completed most of the research and just need to do some additional expansion on some of the chapters, so that one should be finished first.

I'm trying to get back into a writing schedule, but have not succeeded yet. But, that means, I have two novels sitting on my desktop, in various stages of "doneness" (I know that is not a word, so be gentle), a short story that needs revision, and a two non-fiction titles, one on early Biblical history, the other is more of a true-crime novel.

Maybe I'm spreading myself too thin. I sit in front of my computer screen to work on one project and my mind wanders to another project. When I get a good head of steam up on one project, I suddenly run out of steam and wonder if I'll ever get it finished.

So, I have made my only New Year's resolution, because I hate making promises I can't keep. This year I promise to finish those projects on my desktop before I start outlining a new one. Maybe, this is one resolution I'll be able to keep.

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