Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writers Need Exercise

Writers, and I must admit I have been guilty of this, can be a sedentary bunch. We read, we research, we sit in front of a computer screen. We may keep odd hours, live on coffee and bad food, some smoke, some drink, and generally we don't think about the toll it takes upon our bodies.

Now, I know, you prefer the writers life. So do I. But, working on a computer all day can lead to eye strain, neck problems, back issues, poor circulation, and a host of other ills. And, after a session at the computer, the last thing I really want to do is exercise.

But, as I age, and not so gracefully, I have determined that my health is important - I have far too many more books to write. So, I have returned to an activity I used to enjoy - walking. Simple as that may sound, I change into my athletic clothes, a great pair of walking shoes, and fire up the MP3 player. I am lucky - there is a park one block from my house.

Every day, Monday through Friday, I write for a few hours, or proof/edit, and then it is off for fresh air and sunshine. I walk the perimeter of the park to whatever music is being blasted into my ears. Right now, it's five times around, and when that seems to easy I'll increase it. I come home, take a quick shower, and I'm ready for my next writing session.

I have noticed, since I started my walks, my evening writing is more productive. I don't tire as quickly when I'm working and I have more clarity of thought. Could it be linked to my new activity? Maybe, all I know is I feel so much better, about myself and my writing. So, when your attention is flagging and your muscles ache from too much computer, try a spin around the neighbourhood. You just might like it.

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