Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Power of Words

As an author, I have always known that my words could have the power to instruct, to inspire, to heal. But, the recent events in my home state of Arizona have made me step back and think of how our words affect people.

Words have the power to hurt, to destroy, to shatter the lives of others. We, as authors, need to be circumspect about our words. I came to the profession of writing to inspire people for change, or to enlighten those who are struggling to find themselves. I do not pretend to know all the answers, but I do hope my words can instill hope, compassion, and peace.

To all my fellow authors, think carefully about your words. Though my books are aimed at a particular audience and appeal to a select few, I would never, with my words, espouse hate. I write with abandon because I love to write, I love the spoken and written word, and I love the free flow of ideas. But, when we use our words for hate, we become no better than the people who caused this tragedy.

Let us lift our voices to better our world, not to add to the anger and division in our society. Hate has become so commonplace we do not seem to be shocked by it, until something like this occurs. As writers, we have the ability to affect so many with our words - let us use this senseless tragedy for change, with the only tool we have, our words.

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