Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Introduction

Though I am a published author, experienced researcher, and freelance writer, I have never been very comfortable with self-promotion. In this electronic age, it has become apparent to me that I must change with the times, as well.
Please be gentle with me, this is all quite different for me. I am new to blogging, so I would appreciate hearing from experienced bloggers. I look at this as another challenge to conquer, another medium for expression, another form of writing to master.
I write for a niche market, New Age, and some of you may not agree with my beliefs. But, my blog is not about my beliefs. I became a writer because I love the written word.
I want to keep my blog fairly on point, as a forum for other writers, new or experienced. I make no apologies for the books I write. I am a practicing pagan and am comfortable with who I am. My books reflect my love of ancient Egypt, their magical practices (updated for today’s practitioners), and the gods they worshipped.
As a researcher of ancient civilizations, I have been thoroughly captivated by ancient cultures and strive to learn all I can about their mythologies, politics, and everyday life, as well as their religious practices and beliefs.
I invite questions from other authors, as well as questions about my subject matter. But, I am an author, first and foremost. I have written a historical novel. I am currently researching a true-crime novel, and I occasionally write poetry. My beliefs, and subject matter, do not define me, my writing style and voice define me.
My goal is starting this blog is to inform about the writing process, the revision process, the publishing process, and everything in between. So, I hope you will read and enjoy right along with me.


  1. Hi I'm Erica, thanks for talking to me on, I always feel like the new kid in school on forums. They make me sad. Lol, just kidding... sort of. I have a cool contest running on my blog, you should come by and enter for a shot at the prizes : ) and the publicity.

  2. Thanks for the shout out and I'll definitely check out your blog.